Brake discs HOLA – Dutch quality.

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Brake discs HOLA HOLA brake discs are characterized by a lack of vibration, resistant to extreme mechanical stress and thermal stress. Brake discs complete with brake pads HOLA provide smooth deceleration and predictable car stop. Brake pads HOLA.

The discs are made of ductile iron (known of good frictional properties) with the addition of spherical graphite, which makes the metal more durable. Developed structure of internal cavities HOLA ventilated discs promotes effective cooling and heat dissipation.

In the manufacturing process to create a stable hardness of the disc surface within 200-240 HB heat treatment step the material is strictly controlled (temperature and time intervals). Later discs undergo to precise milling, whereby the absence of run-out is achieved within 0.05 mm, and the static unbalance can be reduced to no more than 30 g / cm.

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