Everything about the spark plugs

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Appointment of the spark plug – the creation of sparks (electrical discharge), igniting the fuel-air mixture in combustion engine cylinder chamber. That is, it must operate on time and with the proper capacity on each complete engine cycle. Normal (full-time) operation of the motor depends on the quality of the spark: as better the fuel is ignited in the combustion chamber, so higher the power of the engine will be. Poor work of NW leads to problems: an increase in fuel consumption, incomplete combustion (high CO emissions), loss of power, a rapid deterioration. So, status monitoring and timely replacement of spark plugs is a major component of regular maintenance.

 spark plugs

The principle of operation of the spark plug is quite simple: on a central electrode (cathode) voltage of 25-30 thousand volts is given, whereby between it and a negative electrode (anode) electrical discharge occurs – high arc igniting fuel in the engine cylinder. All modifications and new items available on the market today are designed to improve certain characteristics, but the very essence of the work of sparks does not change.

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