Simple ways to verify the shock absorbers.

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shock absorbersVisually
Through inspection, you can assess the condition of the shock absorbers. If his body is with oil stains, it means you need a new pair of shock absorbers. Why a couple? Because they change in pairs or front or back, and can all 4. One change is strictly prohibited. Of course, in such a way it is impossible to check the gas shock absorber, but there are other ways.
In movement
Also check of the shock absorbers can be directly during movement. If you are moving and hear knocks in the suspension, but absolutely sure in its good, there is reason to think about replacing the shock absorbers. Such a method of test shock absorbers is very useful during buying a car. Because it does not seem possible to mask behavior of the car on the road.
The most effective way is extreme driving, it gives a great burden on the rack. If during sudden movements car does not hold path, takes off – it is a clear sign of equipment failure.

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