The combination of filler cap and lid cover

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In some cars of Toyota Highlander of 2008-2011 production year, the indicator malfunction lamp can light up simultaneously with the emergence of diagnostic fault code P1423 after the fixation of fuel tank cap or during its removal and installation.filler cap and lid cover

This maintenance bulletin refers to the cars, manufactured before the effective changes in the production, namely to the models with the body code up to JTE#C3EH#B2001106.

To correct the indicated malfunction, you should stick to the following sequence of actions:

  • check the stored fault codes, using the diagnostic scanner;
  • ensure in the presence of code P1423;
  • check the state of the fuel tank cap. If it is fixed during the tightening after the removal and installation, go to the paragraph 4. If it isn’t, consult the technical guide on the repair for the custom 2001 dodge ram 2500 headlights or relevant car model and repair the damage;
  • check the el tank cap for the overlapping of groove cycles. If they don’t overlap, replace the fuel tank cap with the other one, which has the product number 77300-50030.

After the completion of repairs, run the automatic self-diagnostics for the fuel vapour capture system, make sure in the absence of the delayed fault code and the normal work of the system.

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